Service Adaptation Recommender (SAR)

Service Adaptation Recommender (SAR)



Short description SAR identifies and recommends service adaptations (both where and what) as reactions to current situation
Main research challenges •    Situation Awareness
•    Intelligent recommendations for service adaptations
•    Service Adaptation Strategies
Beyond state of the art:
    We plan to introduce intelligent recommendations and Aspect Oriented Programming techniques for weaving service adaptations.
      The role in the whole platform SAR will improve service performance and reaction by detecting problematic situations that need to be resolved (e.g. underperforming service, suboptimal sequence of service tasks etc) and by providing advices to be implemented in the appropriate places (e.g. service tasks needing reordering, alteration or substitution etc).

      Component Description

      SAR will be one of the core software components of PLAY system. The objective of SAR is to suggest service administrators, changes (adaptations) of their services’ configurations, composition or workflows, in order to overcome problems that might arise or achieve superior performance. These recommendations may include: removal of an unnecessary service, replacement of an underperforming service, addition of a new service, alteration of the process flow. Specifically, based on recognized situations, SAR will be able to define adaptation pointcuts (points in a service flow that need to be adapted as a reaction to a certain situation) and advices (what to adapt and how, based on a number of service adaptation strategies).