Event Subscription Recommender (ESR)

Event Subscription Recommender (ESR)



Short description ESR provides recommendations to services for new event subscriptions at the appropriate time
Main research challenges

• Situational Awareness

• Intelligent recommendations for new event subscriptions

Beyond state of the art:
    We will go beyond the state of the art and traditional event-driven architectures where  services statically subscribe for relevant events. ESR will recommend dynamic event subscriptions “at the right time”.
      The role in the whole platform ESR will improve service reactions as new knowledge will come from the recommended subscriptions, and therefore will help reducing subscription costs and traffic as fewer events will be monitored.

      Component Description

      ESR will be the dedicated software component that will undertake the task of providing event subscription recommendations based on service context and event semantics. Specifically, ESR will recognize situations that may lead ESR to deploy or just subscribe to relevant complex events (necessary for recognizing future situations related to a service) and recommend event subscriptions to services. Thus, ESR will provide added value assistance to services that will have the choice to be subscribed to additional  event sources at the “right time” (i.e. when really needed), reducing the cost and several aggravating traffic issues.

      Current Status

      ESR has been developed (April 2012) and integrated with the rest of PLAY platform. For the preliminary testing and evaluation of this software component, events have been used from a well known marine-related portal the AISHub (http://www.aishub.net/).The specific portal provided access to a vast amount of real time events that contain important vessel information worldwide. ESR processed 1,54 millions events that correspond to three days of real time events acquired from the AISHub portal. Currently, real-time events are published through AISHub to PLAY Web portal for testing and improving the overall PLAY platform. PLAY consortium would like to express their gratitude for providing access to marine-related data.

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