Proposed Solutions

The solution will lead to the EVENT MARKETPLACE PLATFORM, an analogy to the service marketplaces. This will be a platform, which collects information in real time (events) from many, heterogeneous, distributed event sources, process that events in a complex way, and, after discovering something relevant, forward such a situation (combination of events) to the parties interested in that issue.

As illustrated in figure below, PLAY will enable asynchronous (event-driven) communication between business actors (services, people, things) who are connected to Future Internet. Moreover, the platform will enable:

  • Semantic Integration sources
  • Efficient management of the situation of interests (described as complex event patterns), incl. the automated reuse and evolution of them, in order to alleviate the engineering of events
  • Distributed complex event processing in order to cope with the high throughput of events
  • Dynamic publish/subscribe mechanism in order to enable the reactivity in highly changing environments
  • Service adaptation process that reacts on the signal fr0m the process/environment in order to change the flow of running processes.

Main research outcomes of the project will be:

  • Event Cloud: a peer-to-peer overlay network combined with a publish/subscribe mechanism, that has the task of collecting events coming from the heterogeneous and distributed services. Read more...
  • Distributed complex event processor: an elastic, distributed computing cloud based engine for complex processing/combination of events coming from different services in order to detect interesting situations that a service should react on. Read more...
  • Dynamic subscriptions and service adaptations: a recommender engine for proposing adaptation and changes in running business processes and services in a non-predefined (dynamic) way, by ensuring the consistency of the system. Read more...
  • Piloting and validating resultsin two data intensive use cases;
    • The first use case is related to a Crisis Management domain (in a scenario of a nuclear accident), which shows the advantage of the platform by increasing situational awareness in a complex crisis situation. Read more...
    • The second use case – Telecom – is related to the development of a novel, highlypersonalized taxi service provided by France Telecom. It enables the customer to order a taxi by SMS: the route of the taxi will be automatically adapted/personalized depending on its situational context and on external factors. Read more...


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